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Vacation Planning Essentials for Finding That Hawaii Rental House

Ah, yes! Hawaii! Reminds me so much of the iconic movie of 50 First Dates by Adam Sandler, the movie revolves in finding the perfect partner who will sweep you off your feet and enjoy the adventure of the tropical country. It actually goes the same in finding Hawaii rentals , there are so many listings out there but we must select only one which will be your partner in spending the unforgettable vacation and provide an effortless Instagram worthy shots. We invest in finding the right one but in fact, we also need to get ready planning what should match for you!

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We would be hoping to get out of the loop of Goldfield’s syndrome each year you visit a new destination and for our specialty in this article, the most sought paradise for a flawless vacation lies on reading this golden list, promising you that it will be the only guide that you’d ever need for finding your one only rental vacation house in Hawaii, so grab on and bookmark the page and read on.


Security comes first

Be sure to take note of availability of government authority centers or security guards, the installed security systems and any dangers surrounding location and inside the home.

Is there any maintenance needed in order to get maximum security inside the home’s facilities? Is there a constant security personnel which checks the place from time to time?



Are there neighbors that can hear you through thin walls? How is the home providing privacy, do they offer options for privacy in a certain room?

Shrubs native in the area provide good screening privacy and a good nature ambiance.

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When it comes to comfort, the bedroom and the living space are the most sought-after providers of human comfort, but needless to say, the bathroom and kitchen as well as option of swimming facilities.

Ventilation and lighting facilities not be missed and should also be checked first before choosing your ideal home.

Hawaii is an island with a tropical climate, for those that are not used to the hot temperatures during summer season, it would be best that you’d check if they offer good air-conditioning systems, if not check if they offer a good ventilation equipment, presence of rehydration drinks in the area and so forth and so on.

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This factor depends solely on each family or person’s preference. The style or interior designs of the home greatly affects the space of each home. Choose a minimalistic home, preferably with fewer furniture or multi-use furniture or convertibles to ensure you will have all spacious area to yourself.


Cost (hidden cost)

In Hawaii luxury treats Villas, the listings are a piece of heaven on earth but a guarantee that there are no hidden costs, choose a listing that will definitely be pocket-friendly for you or your loved ones, rental prices vary from island to island. Get a good Ocean breeze for 6 at Kapalua, Hawaii for only $695 per night complete with a view and barbeque for your friends or family to sizzle and chill the night away.

Expect that in major urban cities may have a higher rate. So choose wisely.


Even in the most secluded areas where most tourists often reside, a good list of essential establishments near your location can make a lot of difference. Save sweat from a long journey just to get to a market when you can also check if there are small mini restaurants or places that you can dine in without the hassles. See if your place near a famous attraction or a hospital and better if it’s accessible to a near police station or security posts to ensure your security.

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The state of Hawaii has state highways encircling each main island, if you’re near a highway, then it would be a good choice.

Rental cars are located at international airports, while you can also check out taxi services or ride in with “Hele on Bus” option.

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Spam and dried seaweed musubi are a must try on the island, While Acai bowl is also a good healthy breakfast option for early birds. Check out all the other available restaurants, marketplaces near a listing and discover locals food which you’ve never tried before. Yet then again most backyards have a flourishing supply of fresh papayas or fruits which you can pick from and you’re guaranteed to have the taste of heaven on your fingertips.

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Great views are everywhere in Hawaii, but fantastic ones are definitely hard to find, Take a consideration to get all the ocean view that you can in Walker’s Beach House at Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii featuring an enchanting blue hues of the oceans, quiet breezes of the sea and a morning of majestic sunrise and sunset is worth your wait.

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Surfing, golf, galleries, restaurants, breakfast bars can all be seen in most listings in Hawaii, but a good Highlight at Blue Sky Villa in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii can offer you all these with a private meditation tower is a gem among others.

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The swimming pool is a fantastic consideration, but a true tropical paradise offers more than just a tiled mosaic and transparent waters, Hale Lalama gets you a waterfall and water slide for your family. Who doesn’t want a slide?

Background checks

A heads-up on the background check for the listings would be difficult, but if you may have someone that you know in the location, better ask the locals or ask your trusted resource person important facts that you need to know about the place.